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Shermica Farquhar

5 Things About Shermica:

  1. She started Soka Tribe - a movement for power cardio dance fitness in a class set to Afrobeats and Soca music - to connect with others and feel in touch with her heritage. 

  2. Dubbed “the Sokanista”, she is a Brooklyn-born Trini. Her mother jokes she learned to whine before she could walk and at age four she started dance training. Shermica has studied Ballet, Modern, Jazz, West African, Salsa and Hip-Hop.

  3. An avid Carnival enthusiast, she participates in carnival  in Trinidad annually, and also takes Soka Tribe on “de road” in NYC, Miami, Boston, DC, and Hollywood.

  4. She also runs Solutions by SF, the DC based growth strategy consulting firm she founded.

  5. Check out her smile when she dances below.  Her joy is just flying off those feathers!

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