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Interview with Comedian Nekia Hampton - Be Bold & Say No

In this episode of Another Black Girl I sit down with stand-up comedian and producer Nekia Hampton. Since kicking off her comedy career just a few years ago, she has performed on numerous stages around the country including at the NW Women’s Comedy Festival in Portland 2018 and the Black Girl Giggles Festival in New Orleans 2019. Nekia has opened the stage for national headliners like Paul Elias, Jared Fried, Jackie Fabulous, and Jordan Rock. She produced & headlined two wildly successful comedy shows, one in Seattle (Aug 2019) and one in Baltimore (Feb 2020) - both sold out.

Nekia is one of those people who does not ask for permission in life. She listens to her own spirit and creates opportunities for herself to boldly see her goals become reality. This interview is an exploration into her deep sense of confidence and her journey to becoming an artist, strategic thinker, and a woman set on uplifting other black people. After discussing her upbringing in Baltimore with her entertainer family, she shared her comedian origin story and talked about her first time producing a comedy show. We dig into the perils of putting other relationships above the relationship we have with ourselves – especially as black women- as well as the importance of champagne and nachos for breakfast sometimes.

We covered so much ground in this interview, it was really tough to edit – I didn’t want to leave anything out! Just know that I have some “another nuggets from Nekia” videos I’m going to have to post too. 😊

There were lots of shout outs in this episode including: • Sheila Gaskins • Ellen Acuario • Laughs Comedy Club • Jackie Fabulous • Arif Gursel • Angel Anderson • The Spice Suite • Moms Mabley • Kerry Coddett • Sydnee Washington

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