5 Things About Kiesha Garrison

aka "Kiesha G."

  1. Kiesha is a multi-passionate person hoping to model for those in her circle of influence the courage to live, work, and play as their authentic selves.

  2. She is a cheerleader for the passions and pursuits of black girls and women and the mom of a dazzling daughter.

  3. She loves doing all the things - she delights in interviewing inspiring people, hosting events for organizations doing good in the world, performing standup comedy, creating art and throwing down in the kitchen.

  4. She graduated from Spelman College and currently works in the technology industry with a focus on influencing organizational culture and creating a workplace where others can thrive. 

  5. Maya Angelou is #anotherblackgirl she loves.  She cherishes her quote: "I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels."

About this site

Another Black Girl seeks to celebrate and share the talent, creativity, and pursuits of sisters operating in spaces where they are often under-represented.  Hopefully, you'll learn about someone new. Perhaps the work of an author you've not read or fashion designer you've never seen.   Or maybe an educator or small business owner around the block in your community. Check out their businesses. Watch their speeches. Sit in awe of their magic.  


If you know of a phenomenal black woman you want to be featured on the site, please reach out with information about her. It would be a pleasure to shout out yet #anotherblackgirl.  Over time, the goal is to have assembled a robust directory of black female awesomeness.  

Contact Info

E-mail thekieshag at gmail.com,

reach out on IG @thekieshag

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