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"I believe "Black excellence" is about living free and leaning into the things that bring you fulfillment. It is not about awards and acknowledgement from the masses or how much struggle you can bear.   As we shed the layers of obligation that get poured onto Black women, we'll hear our own voices more clearly and feel more joy. We'll grow stronger as individuals and as a people. So, do your thing, sis."

About the Curator
Kiesha Garrison

Kiesha Garrison is a professional emcee, interviewer, and speaker whose work focuses on personal & professional development,  self love and issues that affect Black women. Her overarching mission is to share stories and guide conversations that shift mindsets and lead us to healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

Kiesha is passionate about advocating for and inspiring Black women and girls.  In addition to her 20-year corporate career which included D&I efforts in companies like Time Inc. and Microsoft, and her appearances as a standup comedian (in which she aims to enlighten through humorous stories from her own life) she highlights  other Black women & girls via the directory showcase on and throughout every platform on which she finds herself.  

Kiesha is a proud graduate of Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Originally from Oakdale, Louisiana, she currently lives in the Seattle area with her daughter. 


If you know of a phenomenal black woman you want to be featured on the site, please reach out with information about her. It would be a pleasure to shout out yet #anotherblackgirl. 

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