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Interview w/Artist Jaimee Todd - Build Your Own Lane

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

This month I sat down with yet #anotherblackgirl out here being amazing in the world - photographer and digital collage artist Jaimee Todd. In the course of doing art in a way that delights her soul, she has developed a signature style – her gorgeous Inkscapes - which involves photographing india ink and acrylic paint submerged in water. She has incorporated inkscape photography into her ongoing series entitled Belle Noir, which celebrates Black womanhood through abstract portraiture. Jaimee has exhibited in many a gallery and has also been published in Mfon, Women Photographers of the African Diaspora and Radar Station magazine.

She is one of those people who went down the path of having a “practical” profession (lawyer), but she did not let that pull her away from her first love – art. Pro tip: you can do both, you just have to do it your way! In this interview we talk about empowering yourself by following your inspiration, creating your own lane, and even taking quality naps! We discuss being an artist that reflects the times and how art and rest is part of our movement work. Other Black women get some love along the way including Tricia Hersey (@thenapministry), her sister Ani Todd (@anidrawsoutloud), Maya Angelou, and jewelry mavens Camille Peace Moskoff (@peaceimagesjewelry) and Mary Wormworth (@maryshandsjewelry).

Click below to enjoy this interview where Jaimee shared what might now be one of my new favorite quotes: “When you are fluid, you can’t be confined.”

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