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Pat McGrath

5 Things About Pat:

  1. Pat McGrath is the world's most influential makeup artist with three decades of editorial and runway makeup artistry experience and a massive social media following.

  2. When she first started out as a makeup artist, she also worked as a receptionist to support herself. From there, she began a decades long career building trust and trailblazing with her innovative use of color and creative materials.

  3. After following her mother's advice, she debuted her first makeup product Gold 001 - an eyeshadow kit- thus launching the Pat McGrath Labs. Her mom has been a great influence - she is the person who taught Pat how to mix color.

  4. She self-funded Path McGrath Labs to start and has been selling out makeup left and right! She's has taken on investors and her company now has a valuation over $1 billion.

  5. This makeup legend (and technology lover) was born and raised in England and has Jamaican roots.

Here her story in her own words:

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