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Lesley Nneka Arimah

Photo credit: Emily Baxter

5 Things About Lesley:

  1. Her début novel “What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky” is a collection of incredible short stories.  As described by The Guardian, the book "explores women’s dispossession from many angles, including the fraught relationships between mothers and daughters and the complicated dynamics of female friendship."

  2. She was born in in the UK and grew up in Nigeria and wherever else her father was stationed for work. She now lives in Minneapolis.

  3. She has been a finalist for a National Magazine Award and the Caine Prize, and a winner of the African Commonwealth Short Story Prize and an O. Henry Award, among other honors.  

  4. Lesley offers online writing classes, check out her @ArimahWrites account to learn more.

  5. She has shared that she is inspired by other works that deal with the relationships between women, including My Little Pony (the reboot).

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