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Kayla Ortiz

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

5 Things about Kayla:

  1. In 2012, she founded Kayla’s Corner, a non-profit organization focused on providing books & supplies to underprivileged schools.

  2. According to her website: "Kayla’s Corner provides educational resources for underprivileged students, and promotes literacy amongst youth. We contribute both locally and internationally to impoverished communities, schools and educational centers, and non-profit organizations. 

  3. Kayla’s Corner has also created a library on Lwaji Island in Uganda, Africa, which serves students on Lwaji Island and the surrounding islands. Lwaji Island is now the first and only island on Lake Victoria with a library."

  4. She wrote “The Same Differences,” a children’s rhyming book about culture and diversity.  Ten percent of the proceeds from the book sales go towards the work of Kayla’s Corner.

  5. Kayla is also an artist; she is a writer, a painter, and a singer and loves to use her artistic abilities when possible.

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