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Five to Follow: Candle Makers

I love candles. I love the scent floating up from a well-crafted fragrance and I love the look of the fire dancing while it melts the wax. I love the darling and creative containers that candlemakers choose to design the candles to look like little house jewelry. One of my daughter's nicknames for me is "Candle Kiesha." I LOVE candles. It's the florals for me - gardenia, rose, peonies, freesia, lilacs. Bring it on.

A Black woman sells this candle.

Since I buy so many candles, I need to make sure I have a solid list of black female candle makers on tap. I have experience from gifts people bought me & follow up purchases from two of these ladies (#1 & #2 below), then I asked my friends for 3 more. The result? The list is so long it made me wonder "Should I be making candles too?" This is likely going to be a recurring list so I can share even more of out talented candle-making sisters. Enjoy and send me the name of your favorite candle making Black woman. You can DM it to @another_black_girl on IG.

1. Ashley Kirk Candles

2. ART by Homestyle - Ashley R. Thomas

3. Ari McIntyre

4. Paca y Paca - Keisha Credit

5. Harlem Candle Co. - Teri Johnson

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