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Whitney White

5 Things About Whitney:

  1. She is an OG Natural Hair Vlogger (before being a "Social Media Influencer" was a thing) - she launched her YouTube Channel on August 8, 2009 under the name Naptural85.

  2. She intended to make one video...but now reaches over a million subscribers. Whitney has become a trusted voice in the natural hair care community with her incredible tutorials and DIYs while encouraging others to create a holistic lifestyle through hair care.

  3. Whitney was born in Rhode Island and started out as a graphic designer.

  4. She is a proud and passionate mom to her daughter Olivia, whom she is raising to focus on kindness, happiness, and being fearless.

  5. After 6 years of research and work with her sister, Taffeta White, she has launched a new affordable hair care line called Melanin Haircare. Check out the back story in her video below. Congratulations Naptural85!!

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