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Evita Turquoise Robinson

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Evita Robinson
Photo by Pete Monsanto

5 Things About Evita:

  1. She is the creator of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online social community for travelers across the globe and the Nomadness ALTERnative Travel Conference – the only travel conference in the US targeting diverse urban travelers.  

  2. She is also a crowdfunding consultant, keynote speaker and artist, documenting her travels with stunning photography.

  3. In 2015, she also launched the travel web docuseries, The NOMADNESS Project, Co- Executive Produced with Issa Rae.

  4. #anotherblackgirl that Evita thinks is great is host of Travel Channel's "Mysterious Lands" “Kellee Edwards.

  5. She gave the first ever TED Talk on the black travel movement. Check it out below:

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