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Shelley Worrell

5 Things about Shelley:

  1. Shelley Vidia Worrell is the Founder + Chief Curator of CARIBBEING, a thriving cultural organization that stands at the crossroads of film + art + culture. The origin story is covered well in this Black Enterprise article from 2016 titled "What This Former Google Exec Did After She Left Her Job Changed Her Life."

  2. After 10 years working in content distribution and corporate event management, Shelley founded Worrell Media Group (WMG) a digital content distribution and marketing platform for Caribbean cinema, arts & entertainment. Since 2010, WMG has built an international audience.

  3. She is Brooklyn born and bred and is a first-generation Caribbean-American. Both her parents are immigrants from Trinidad.

  4. #anotherblackgirl she admires is Shirley Chisolm who -in addition to being the first woman to run for President- is also a Brooklyn native of Caribbean (Bajan) descent. (BK Mag, 3/2017)

  5. She enjoys gardening and finds cooking therapeutic. (NY Times article, 8/2017) Learn more about her perspective on Caribbean experiences in Flatbush in the video below.

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