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Nikki Webber Allen

5 Things About Nikki:

  1. Nikki founded the i Live For… Foundation, Inc. in honor of her 22-year old nephew Paul, a bright and sweet young person who died by suicide after years of battling depression and anxiety.  

  2. She focuses on youth because it starts young; the average age of onset of depression is 14 years old.

  3. She leverages the skills she gained from her considerable, successful career in the entertainment industry to create short films that tell the story of young people who, like Paul, are grappling with depression and anxiety. 

  4. She wants us all to know that depression does not have to be a death sentence – there is hope. There is help.  But we must be willing to acknowledge the signs, have the conversations, and make sure our loved ones get the care they need.

  5. Find i Live For… on Facebook & Twitter @ILIVEFORORG Check out the origin story in her own words:

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