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Interview with Urban Forester Beattra Wilson - Create Access for Others

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

You know if it’s the first interview, I gotta take it back to the beginning….on this episode, I sat down with my childhood best friend, Beattra Wilson, who also happens to be the USDA national lead for Urban and Community Forestry. Beattra is definitely #anotherblackgirl who is making things happen and creating access for the next generation. When you think about the trees and natural resources in the places where you live, work, and play, know that there is a sister - and a Southern University grad - fighting to make sure all communities are considered.

In this interview we bond over our shared upbringing in the small town of Oakdale, Louisiana and appreciation for all the things we’ve been doing since. Beattra explains what in the world Urban Forestry even is and shares the importance of creating access for the next generation for this space. She also talks about her diversity & inclusion firm Ideation308 and she gives love to other Black women - her bomb best friend Wendy Green Daniels and her superpowers of advocating for what you deserve, and shouting out Joni Wilson Ferguson’s Leaders Amplify professional development company (

I also share my motivation for launching Another Black Girl :-) Listen in on two friends who go alllllll the way back and share this video with the Black women & girls in your life!


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