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People to Follow: The Women of "My Power" from Beyoncé's Black is King

I think I have watched "My Power" no less than 30 times since the first time I watched Black is King. For what my spirit needs at the moment, this is the most perfect piece of performance art Beyoncé has ever delivered. Don't worry, this is not a think piece. This is a straight up love letter to the women who joined Beyoncé in this ultra-empowering show of talent, strength, and harmony. Shout-out to Blue Ivy and the Ernestine Shepherd making power poses throughout - it delighted me that there were multiple generations included. And that there was a woman in the advanced stages of pregnancy KILLING IT dancing in this video. The whole movie is filled with excellent performances, but "My Power" was so awe-inspiring to me that I want to thank these women (and two choreographer brothers!) for what they have shared. And I want to make sure y'all know how you can follow these powerful ladies we saw come together to make that magic in the main scenes. When it's this good, I gotta say #anotherblackgirl 's name out loud! THANK YOU all for what you created.

(Note: There is one dancer I couldn't ID. I have seen her referred to as "Mel." Since I'm not certain of her full name I don't want to erroneously include the wrong "Mel." If someone can confirm her name, I will find her IG and update this post ASAP!)

Nija Charles

The New Jersey rapper hits you off the top with the infectious hook. "They'll never take my power, my power, my power..."

Tierra Whack

I have loved her music and flow for years. I almost screamed out loud when I saw how she was styled (shout-out to Zerina Akers). Her verse felt like a rocket launch. Magnificent. "Never seen so much rage from a queeeeeen!"


It's almost worth it to watch this video just so you you can see Busiswa wink and smile while she tells you what time it is in Zulu. "Vumani bo! (Siyavuma!)"

Moonchild Sanelly

She came through with the Xhosa flow to let you know she ain't scared. She pulled off being adorable + fierce so flawlessly. "I roll with the danger."

Yemi Alade

Although she isn't in the main visuals for My Power, the beautiful sister who was working it on "Don't Jealous Me" is on this track too. "You no fit to touch am O"


The dancers killed it, resuscitated it, set it aflame and threw flowers on it. Of course there is a #MyPowerDanceChallenge now where fans are trying to recapture some of what these ladies accomplished. But their expressive intensity, energy, and skill really have set a high bar.

Imani Bias

Taylor Terry

Rebbi Rose

Aisha Francis

Eight. Months. Pregnant. Talk about power.


Kany Diabaté

Ebony Williams

Jaquel Knight

We also can thank Jaquel for choreo for the WAP video!!

Chris Grant

I hope you follow some of these talented people!

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