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Interview w/ Stephanie Ann Ball, Opera Singer, High Performance Specialist: "Illuminate Your Legacy"

Interview w/ Stephanie Ann Ball, Opera Singer, High Performance Specialist: "Illuminate Your Legacy"

In this interview, Kiesha sits down with the multi-talented transformational teacher Stephanie Ann Ball. Stephanie wears many hats: Lyric Coloratura Soprano. Concert Artist and Curator. Inspirational Speaker. High Performance Specialist. These are just some of the many titles she holds. A woman of unique talents, Stephanie has quickly become one of the most sought-after high performance consultants in the nation. Listen as Stephanie shares how she got her start with opera singing after a gentle nudge from a teacher who saw her vocal talent. Learn how her life as an entrepreneurial artist has unfolded as she firmly “takes up space” and walks in her purpose to help others discover and shine their own lights. And finally, hear her advice for Black Women about maintaining our well-being in a world that conditions us to do otherwise. About Stephanie: Artist: Stephanie is a lyric coloratura soprano who is swiftly taking her place in the world of classical music with her warm, strong, lyric voice. As a highly sought after concert artist and curator, she has performed on stages alongside world-renowned composers and designed concerts of both artistic and historical significance. Consultant: Using a unique approach to high performance that can only come from someone who has sung to crowds of over 10,000 with ease and aplomb, Stephanie combines her background in the arts with her adept knowledge of sales, customer service, and administrative organization and management to help her clients achieve extraordinary results when it comes to reaching their goals and getting themselves organized. Stephanie's Links: Buy her book at Sign up for her high-performance academy at Check our her Productivity Prologue course at Find her on Instagram @iamstephaball)
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