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Bea Dixon

Founder of The Honey Pot Co.

The Honey Pot Company is a plant-based, black-owned feminine care brand that was founded by Beatrice Dixon, 1 of the first 40 women of color to raise $1 million in venture capital. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar company that sells plant-based feminine care products such as affordable natural washes, wipes, tampons, panty sprays, pads, lubricants and other herbal products. They're sold online and in-stores across the U.S. at Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wegmans and Whole Foods. (As written by Dominique Fluker, Senior Contributor Forbes, Mar 3, 2020)

In Bea's own words: "The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn't get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself.

With her help, I created the Honey Pot Co to solve for what other brands wouldn't, using the power of herbs."

Bea Dixon
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