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Angel Anderson

Owner of The Spice Suite, Home Cook, Activist

Angel's Bio: Angel is a mommy, home cook, activist and educator with a knack for blurring the line between food and fashion. In 2015, she walked by a vacant store front with no plan or desire to be a small business owner and decided on the spot to turn it into a spice shop. That spice shop has become a dream incubator and haven. Having hosted over 450 free pop up shops for black business owners, this space has become a DC staple for this DC native.

Her love for fashionable flavors and natural talent in the kitchen landed her a spot in the Top 40 of MasterChef's Season 8. Since then, Angel has regularly made appearances in local news and print media.

Angel brings gourmet, exotic and tantalizing spices, infused oils and other culinary delights to customers in a hip, quaint and comfortable, atmosphere. The aesthetics and energy at The SpiceSuite mirror Angel's home—​ welcoming, engaging and fun!

Angel Anderson
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