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Black Women Photographers

Founded by Polly Irungu

Black Women Photographers aims to disrupt the notion that it is difficult to discover and commission Black creatives. Dedicated to providing a resource for the industry’s gatekeepers.
BWP with your help has grown into a global community and digital directory of over 700 photographers since its first launch in July of 2020 by Polly Irungu, coming from a COVID-19 relief fund (#BWPReliefFund) that raised over $14,000 to provide financial support to Black women and non-binary photographers during the pandemic.

In an effort to promote and encourage inclusive hiring practices, the database highlights any and all Black women who elect to be submitted. Through honest dialogue via social conversations and workshops, the platform seeks to ensure that more Black women are empowered to make the industry as colorful as it ought to be.

Black Women Photographers is a home for Black women to receive proper recognition, and most importantly, get hired.

Black Women Photographers
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